Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Richie Ashwin - Hold Your Breath video/EP release

How is everyone doing tonight? You ready for some more indie music? You must be, because you're here again!

Tonight I'm bringing London's very own Richie Ashwin back to the blog. If you recall from my original introduction of Richie to you (, this is the artist who has restored my faith in r&b music. Now I'm stepping up again to help him out with promoting his video for his single "Hold Your Breath", as well as his recently released EP.

Richie has a style that freshens up a somewhat tired genre of today's mainstream radio. I have a very strong feeling that 2013 is going to be his breakout year. And this video for Hold Your Breath and the accompanying EP are one hell of a way to kick it off!

Make sure you check it out today, and after you've gotten your fill of the video, head over to his SoundCloud page to download the EP for free!

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