Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dos Ringos - KY Women

Dos Ringos is back on MY Indie Music Blog with my pick for song of the summer, KY Women.

To say that I was a little excited when the guys sent this song to me would be an understatement. Having become such a fan of this band, I'm always on the lookout for new material by them. Each time, I'm left wanting more, and in advance of their upcoming double EP, KY Women is exactly what I needed to get my Dos Ringos fix!

KY Women is just a good old fashioned southern rock song done right. Picture yourself cruising down your favorite back road on your way to nowhere in particular. Roll the windows down and crank this tune as loud as you can. Then hit repeat. I've done this on more than one occasion and it does wonders for your country music loving soul. At the same time, it makes up for the rash of "bro country" that's hitting the airwaves over on your local FM dial. Country music purists can rest assured that the genre is indeed safe in the hands of Dos Ringos!

Follow Dos Ringos on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Make sure you check out the official Dos Ringos website and don't forget to download your copy of KY Women while you're there!

And as always, make sure you check back here with me at MY Indie Music Blog for all things Dos Ringos as they happen!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When Particles Collide - This Town

During the course of the last four and a half years (or so), the most gratifying aspect of my love and support for independent artists has been their accessibility. No cattle call VIP experience from any major record label act will ever top sitting in a bar on a Friday night before a gig and just talking with two of my favorite people in the entire universe. Which is exactly what I had the chance to do this past weekend in Dover, New Hampshire with Sasha Alcott and Chris Viner, who make up rock n roll duo When Particles Collide. I was reminded that I have been a fan and supporter of WPC for roughly four years of their four and a half year existence. In this time, I have had a front row seat for their evolution from a pop/punk power duo (Making Enemies and Pop! Pop! Bang! Bang!) to full fledged rock n roll icons for the indie scene with Ego, Photoelectric and their latest EP, This Town.

This Town is a 6 song EP that pays homage to their hometown of Bangor, Maine and was born out of the tragic loss of a couple of their friends from Bangor in a car accident last summer. Having listened to this EP almost non-stop since its pre-release to pledge backers and having heard the songs live, I can honestly say that I have never heard a body of art as personal and full of raw emotion as This Town.

For those who were there and lived these songs, This Town is a fitting tribute to lost lives and a more fitting tribute to the town that shaped all of their lives. The independent music community is a tight knit group. To be a part of it is indeed something special. And for When Particles Collide, I will forever be grateful.

Head over to the When Particles Collide Bandcamp page to download This Town. For those local to Maine and New Hampshire, you can head to your local Bull Moose Records store to buy the cd. Follow the band on Twitter and like them on Facebook. But most importantly, check them out at one of their two album release shows on May 29th and the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub in Boston (event info is here) and on May 30th at the Asylum in Portland, Maine (event info is here) and check back here with MY Indie Music Blog for info on their upcoming summer tour dates.

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