Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Euphoria Audio

Tonight, I have no witty banter to share with you. Tonight, we're going to dive right into the music, because I have been patiently waiting to bring Euphoria Audio back to MY Indie Music Blog for what seems like an eternity.

So, without further ado, I give to you Euphoria Audio and their debut album!

I first introduced you to Euphoria Audio way back in 2012 when I started this blog (..British Invasion). That was only my 6th post at a time when I was just beginning to engulf myself in the indie music community. Fast forward two years and a lot has happened since then. The band is still the same, Matt Shirty, vocals; Ben Lloyd, guitar/vocals; Ben Hughes, bass/vocals and Josh Hughes, drums/vocals, and they're still out of Wakefield, England. The main thing that has changed in the time since I first discovered their music is that the guys have significantly upped the ante for ALL artists in the music industry today.

As I've grown to love this band more and more over the last two years, their sound becomes more and more familiar to me. So much so that I often forget that I'm not listening to them on a local radio station. Prior to the release of Euphoria Audio, we've become familiar with Gravity, 3 Seconds, Speechless and Our Yesterdays to name a few. But put this entire album together in one cohesive package and the entire thing comes off more like a greatest hits album than a debut. Chock full of huge stadium pounding guitar riffs and soaring vocals, it's easy to see why Aerosmith (yes, THAT Aerosmith) asked the guys to open for them at their first ever show in Singapore last summer. This band is that good and this band is ready for the world to discover what the EUAUArmy already knows!

Editor's note: I'm going out on a limb here and saying that Euphoria Audio is the current front-runner for this bloggers top album of 2014.

Head over to iTunes now to download your copy of Euphoria Audio. Follow the band on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Make sure you check them out on their official website. And as always, follow along with me here at MY Indie Music Blog for all things Euphoria Audio!

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