Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jake Roche... the voice behind Lit On the Flash

Hello everyone out in the world wide blogoshpere! It's time for you all to get to know Jake Roche, the lead singer for Lit On the Flash.

One of the coolest things that's happened to me since I've embarked on this new journey to support indie artists is getting to know Jake and Kerry over the course of the past year. There aren't many LOTF shows that I've missed (I can probably count them on one hand) in this time, and each one is a new opportunity to get a chance to talk to them and gain a greater appreciation for them as people as well as artists. They each bring their own uniqueness to this band, and you won't meet two more passionate and genuine human beings. Thank you both for your friendship as well as some bad ass music!!!

I introduced you to a side project that Kerry released a few weeks back, Cobra vs Mongoose, so let's see what Jake has to offer us now shall we?

Think back to when I first introduced you to LOTF. I made mention that Jake and Kerry were former members of the alt/rock band Jeremiah Freed back in the early part of the 2000's (seems like such a long time ago!). When the band parted ways, Jake embarked on his solo career and gave the indie world his first album, Just Survivin'.

I never realized that I liked folk music until I heard this album. You can hear the foundation for Revolution Time being laid down track after track!

It wasn't until earlier this evening when Jake tweeted the link to his BandCamp page that I found a diamond in the rough. Last Beams of the Old Setting Moon carries on the folk inspiration of Just Survivin'.

If you've listened to Revolution Time, you'll recognize three of the tracks on this album: Thankless Job, Full Moon Coming Up and All Her Flowers. I love hearing the original interpretations of three of my favorite tracks by LOTF. This album, in Jake's words, is "pretty rough", but it's the real deal. Recorded in four days with one microphone on GarageBand, this is a labor of love. I'll take this over anything out on mainstream radio. Period.

Thanks for sharing this with us Jake!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Rum Honey

Happy Friday everyone! Who's in the mood for some kick ass music today? YOU SHOULD BE IN THE MOOD FOR KICK ASS MUSIC EVERY DAY!!!

Today's featured artist hails from London, England. Turn the volume up loud, cause you're gonna want to enjoy this properly... I give to you, my faithful readers, Rum Honey!!!!

Sky Wood, Jaime Blake, Dominic Giannetta, Niol Sweeney, collectively known as Rum Honey, know music... and they do it just about as good as anyone I've heard in a LONG time! Mixing equal parts of late 70's and early 80's pure rock with smooth melodic grooves and relevant lyrics, this band is ready to take over the music world and bring respectability back to music!

Do your part now to help spread the honey. Request their music on your local radio stations. Flood the internet stations that already play them with requests to keep spinning their tracks. Most importantly, go out and buy their music and merchandise! 

The essential Rum Honey links:

Rum Honey ReverbNation 

Like Rum Honey on Facebook 

Follow Rum Honey on Twitter 

The Rum Honey YouTube channel 

Rum Honey on iTunes 

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

New single from Naked On Roller Skates - Payphone

Good Thursday evening everyone! Time to bring the music back to the blog... and I couldn't think of a better way than to share with you the new single from Naked On Roller Skates!

From their highly anticipated new album, scheduled to "kick you in the balls" November 9th, turn it up loud and let the vocals of Leesa Coyne take you on a roller coaster ride of rock n roll ecstasy, NORS style!!!!

Here's Payphone... enjoy!!!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lit On the Flash celebrates 1 year of "Revolution Time"

Hello everyone! Time to kick this blog back into high gear!

I was Tweeting away while I was on vacation and realized that we let something very important to me pass without so much as a mention anywhere on the various social networking sites or this very blog... so it's time to right that wrong!

One of the greatest indie albums of all time, Revolution Time by Lit On the Flash, was released On September 1, 2011 and forever changed my life. To this day, it still amazes me how a little indie band from southern Maine can make music that blows away ANYTHING on mainstream radio today. My support for this band is unwavering. Thank you guys for giving us back music that matters!

I blog, Tweet, and share so much about this band that you're probably all getting tired of me by now! You know what? You better get used to it! Go out and find out for yourself why I'm such a huge fan. Check out and download their music, take in a live show (an experience of a lifetime- I PROMISE) and spread the word with me! We can't take back mainstream radio without your help!!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy 1st anniversary Broken Romeo!!!

Hey everyone! Back from vacation today and I have a very special announcement for you all... one of the best indie rock albums of all time, Desperation Daze by Broken Romeo, is celebrating it's 1 year anniversary today!!!

To celebrate and to say thank you to all of their fans, the band is offering the album for $5 for a limited time on their website and thru CDBaby!!!! Go out and get this album now if you don't already have it... I personally guarantee you, it'll be the best $5 you EVER spend!!! store

Desperation Daze on cdbaby

Congrats on this huge milestone guys! I can't wait to see what your future holds for you!!!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New music from David Gielan & David Geftakys!

There's only one other release coming up that I've been as excited about as I am this... it is with great pleasure to share with you the new collaboration between two of the most insanely talented artists around today, David Gielan & David Geftakys!!!

You're Alive

Not knowing what to expect from these two since they first announced this joint project, I would be lying to you if I said this isn't the best work that these guys have done to date... and THAT statement is saying a lot considering what they've already given us! 

David and David, you guys truly spoil your fans. I personally owe so much to you both for giving me back music that matters and means something again.

I can't wait to see what you're upcoming individual albums have in store for us. If this is ANY indication, this is gonna be one helluva year for us fans and you both!

Please support these artists by downloading the new single now:

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

David Geftakys reaches yet another milestone!

Hey everyone! Just stepping in real quick to let you all know that thanks to the unstoppable force of #TeamDG, David Geftakay's video for his cover of Name by the GooGoo Dolls has surpassed 5000 views on YouTube!!!! Way to go David!!!

Check out his official announcement on his website as he gives thanks to his many supporters as only David does!

David Geftakys Name Celebration Page

AND there's even MORE exciting news to share... the long awaited collaboration between David and none other than David Gielan has an official release date of October 16th! THIS IS GOING TO BE MONUMENTAL IN THE INDIE MUSIC WORLD!!!!!

The single is titled You're Alive... check out the official David Geftakys countdown page here:

You're Alive by David Gielan & David Geftakys Countdown Page 

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Song of the day for 10/11/2012

Hey everyone! It's Thursday, which means it's a new day of music discovery!

Have I got a treat for you today. All the way from Rome, Italy... yes, Rome, Italy (who the hell would have know), our song of the day is brought to you by WakeUpCall!

This is a perfect example of what's wrong with mainstream radio here in America... and probably for the rest of the world as well. We get suckered by the radio stations who are fed the music they're allowed to play by their general managers, whose pockets are stuffed by the record labels to make sure their artists get all the airplay. DON'T THINK WE DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ASSHOLES ARE DOING!!!! That's what makes what I do on this blog worth the time and effort I put into it.

So without further ado, I give to you one rocking ass tune from Italy. Turn it up LOUD and enjoy The Devil's Round!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Song of the day for 10/10/2012

Hey there! Back again to share some more great indie music with you.

Who's ready for some of the Nashville sound? Whoa there.... this isn't the Nashville sound you may be expecting. THIS is rock n roll Nashville style brought to you by The Weakenders!

Turn it up and enjoy Vanity Fair.

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Cobra vs Mongoose

So much excellent indie music out there, so few hours in the day to take it all in and share it with you!

Let's see what my buddy Kerry Ryan is up to these days. Kerry is 1/3 of the best rock band ever, Lit On the Flash. Looks like he was jonesin' the other day and decided to bang out some new tunes. Hey Kerry, you should jones more often!

Cobra vs Mongoose is a psychedelic hard rock fans dream come true in all its digital glory. This is one of the greatest EP's released... EVER. I've been listening non-stop all morning and I don't think this is going to get old any time soon.

The only justice you can truly do this EP is to turn it up... LOUD.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Song of the day for 10/09/2012

Hello again! It's time to share some more of the best indie music around with you. I think today we should go back to my original indie favorite, David Gielan.

Thinking back over the course of the last nearly two years, I didn't realize exactly how bad off mainstream radio was. Then the music of Mr Gielan came into my life and there's been no looking back! Some day soon, the rest of the world is going to realize what I already know- David Gielan is here to fix the music business!

First off, enjoy Simple Days.

And while we're here, I'll give you a bonus tune from David... one that I have said this about many times before and will probably say many times again- All the Way is the single greatest indie vocal recording EVER! You can thank me later!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Song of the day for 10/08/2012

Hey everyone! Hope Monday has been treating you well... I know it has been me! You ready for some more music? Glad to hear it!

Let's get on with it then and see what Nicki Kris has in store for us today. I'm going to come right out and admit this now... I am a fan-boy when it comes to Nicki. She says, jump, I wanna know how high. Take a listen and find out why for yourself...

One of the strongest female indie vocals you're going to find anywhere, Nicki sings with passion unmatched by most mainstream female artists. Her time is coming, and I'll do whatever I can to help support her!

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Jet W. Lee

We're going to get this week of music discovery off on a good note... settle in and get ready to discover Chicago based indie band Jet W. Lee!

One of the coolest things for me being a indie music blogger is when new artists reach out to me to review their music, hoping to get a mention on this blog. One such instance occurred a few hours ago when I received an email from Jet W. Lee asking me to check out their latest album Western Nightmare. I tuned in and haven't stopped listening to it since!

Again, based in Chicago, Jet W. Lee is made up of Jesse Johnson, vocals/guitar, Patrick Mangan, drums/vocals and Pierre Achille, bass. This trio brings original alternative rock to the table. Soaring guitar riffs, intelligent story-telling, and a sweet bass groove all wrapped up by some of the coolest drum beats all keep you moving from start to finish.

The band is currently on a 90-day tour of the U.S. in support of Western Nightmare. Check out their show dates... I highly recommend that you make a show if you can. I'll definitely keep track of this band and hope to see them over here on the east coast at some point. It's a show I will not miss!

The essential Jet W. Lee links:

Jet W. Lee on BandCamp

Jet W. Lee on SoundCloud

Like Jet W. Lee on Facebook

Follow Jet W. Lee on Twitter

Jet W. Lee YouTube channel

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Song of the day for 10/07/2012

Happy Sunday evening everyone! I decided to take a few days off from the blog... even managed to severely curtail my time on social networking during the last few days too! Feels good to cleanse yourself digitally every once in a while.

Now that I'm back, it's time to close out this weekend the right way. And to do that. we're gonna pay another visit to one of my original indie, as well as all-time favorite bands, In Air.

From their first album, Just A Seed, recorded when they were know as Nobody Gets Killed, enjoy one of my favorite In Air/Nobody Gets Killed songs (like they're not ALL my favorites), Sublime.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Song of the day for 10/04/2012

You know the old saying that everything is bigger in Texas? Today's song of the day is going to prove it!

Coming to you out of Houston, Texas, The Last Ones are here to show you how big guitar riffs and drum beats get in the Lone Star State. Be forewarned, this shit hits you right in the earholes and hits you HARD!

Crank it up people, cause here comes Porcelain Sky... enjoy!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Song of the day for 10/03/2012

Hello, hello, hello!!!! Have I got a treat for you today! Over the course of the last few months, some of the best indie music I've discovered has been coming to us from our neighbors to the north. Slowly but surely, each of these bands is making it up to the world for Nickelback (sorry to keep rubbing that one in, but that joke never gets old!).

Taking their turn at righting the wrong that is today's mainstream radio is Toronto, Ontario, Canada's own Drop Dead Pin-Ups!

Get ready for a punk rock infused rock n roll tidal wave of indie goodness for your earholes... turn it up loud, cause here comes Backseat Shuffle!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stars in Stereo

Where could I possibly begin to do this band the justice that they deserve on this blog? Over the course of the last year and half or so, I've quickly come to realize that the indie music community supports each other like no one else does. If it weren't for this support, I may not have ever heard of Stars in Stereo (thank you David Gielan for being in one of the best indie bands ever with Ryan "Frogs" McCormack and recommending this band!).

L.A. based Stars in Stereo are made up of Bec Hollcraft, lead vocals: Jordan McGraw, guitar; Justin Siegel, bass; Ryan “Frogs” McCormack, guitar and Drew Langan, drums. Having recently completed a cross country tour with the likes of Foxy Shazam and Hoobastank, Stars in Stereo are poised to take the music industry by storm! Led by the polarizing vocals of Bec Hollcraft, Stars is chock full of giant guitar riffs, smart lyrics and a stadium ready sound that is lacking in the music industry today.

This is one of those bands that gets in your head and stays there. The Broken is a personal favorite of mine, and today the band released their album preview EP that I highly recommend!

Check out Stars in Stereo on their website, on SoundCloud, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, pick up their new EP on iTunes and try to catch one of their shows. I know they played in Boston a few months back and I've been kicking myself ever since for missing them!

The essential Stars in Stereo links:

Stars in Stereo on SoundCloud

Stars in Stereo on Facebook

Stars in Stereo on Twitter

Stars in Stereo - Album Preview - EP on iTunes

I'm personally looking forward to a full studio album from this band and am excited for what their future in the music industry has in store for them!

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Song of the day for 10/02/2012

Hey everyone out there... a new day is upon us, which means it's another opportunity for me to share with you some of the best indie music around!

Today, I am pleased to share with you the bedroom hour. This London, England based 5 piece outfit bring a rocking psychedelic/synth blend of nirvana straight to your earholes for a musical experience you won't soon forget! I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the near future!

Turn it up and enjoy today's gem, X Marks the Spot!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Song of the day for 10/01/2012

Another week is upon us, which means another opportunity to share some of the best indie music around with YOU!

Making a return to this blog is Toronto (Richmond Hill), Ontario, Canada's very own You Vs Me. I only recently discovered this amazing band and can't begin to tell you how much I love them! Their sound transcends everything and anything playing on modern rock radio today, and I can not wait for the day these guys get their turn to right the wrongs that sooo many record labels are making with mainstream radio today!

Turn it up and get ready for What I See... You Vs Me, you guys fucking rock!!!!

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