Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jake Roche... the voice behind Lit On the Flash

Hello everyone out in the world wide blogoshpere! It's time for you all to get to know Jake Roche, the lead singer for Lit On the Flash.

One of the coolest things that's happened to me since I've embarked on this new journey to support indie artists is getting to know Jake and Kerry over the course of the past year. There aren't many LOTF shows that I've missed (I can probably count them on one hand) in this time, and each one is a new opportunity to get a chance to talk to them and gain a greater appreciation for them as people as well as artists. They each bring their own uniqueness to this band, and you won't meet two more passionate and genuine human beings. Thank you both for your friendship as well as some bad ass music!!!

I introduced you to a side project that Kerry released a few weeks back, Cobra vs Mongoose, so let's see what Jake has to offer us now shall we?

Think back to when I first introduced you to LOTF. I made mention that Jake and Kerry were former members of the alt/rock band Jeremiah Freed back in the early part of the 2000's (seems like such a long time ago!). When the band parted ways, Jake embarked on his solo career and gave the indie world his first album, Just Survivin'.

I never realized that I liked folk music until I heard this album. You can hear the foundation for Revolution Time being laid down track after track!

It wasn't until earlier this evening when Jake tweeted the link to his BandCamp page that I found a diamond in the rough. Last Beams of the Old Setting Moon carries on the folk inspiration of Just Survivin'.

If you've listened to Revolution Time, you'll recognize three of the tracks on this album: Thankless Job, Full Moon Coming Up and All Her Flowers. I love hearing the original interpretations of three of my favorite tracks by LOTF. This album, in Jake's words, is "pretty rough", but it's the real deal. Recorded in four days with one microphone on GarageBand, this is a labor of love. I'll take this over anything out on mainstream radio. Period.

Thanks for sharing this with us Jake!

Support unsigned artists... give indie music a chance.

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