Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lit on the Flash - The Rehearsal

For those of you who frequent this blog, you are well aware of who my all-time favorite band is. Lit on the Flash. There's a reason why this is the 24th time that they have been mentioned in some way, shape or form in the brief history of this blog. A few days ago, former front man Jake Roche sent me an e-mail. In that e-mail was MP3s of a rehearsal the band recorded in late 2012. I could barely contain myself!

The final incarnation of the band, as pictured above, was Kerry Ryan, drums/backing vocals, Andrew Patterson, bass/backing vocals and Jake Roche, guitar/lead vocals. What was shared with me by Jake was recorded in late 2012, around the time that the band was doing a series of cover shows of Nirvana's Nevermind in and around southern Maine and New Hampshire. As much as I enjoyed the Nirvana tunes, they paled in comparison to the original music being put out by the guys. Now, I give to you, my faithful readers, the closest that most of you may get to a live Lit on the Flash Show.

I give to you Lit on the Flash - The Rehearsal.

Listening to these recordings takes me back to some of the coolest live shows I've ever been to. This is the reason I spent a year and half following these guys all over the place. I can't begin to count the miles driven from Bangor, Maine all the way down to New Hampshire and points in between. I strongly believe that at the time of their breakup, they were at the absolute top of their game. There was no other band in the music industry, indie or mainstream, that was producing music on the level that Lit on the Flash was. Keep in mind, this was a three piece indie band from Wells, Maine putting their hearts and souls into their music on a indie budget in the truest sense. And I would take them 10 times out of 10 over anything on the radio today. To call them original would be understating the impact they were making on music. If only we could have figured out how to get their music out to more of you, maybe things would have gone differently. Who knows. (A Kerry Ryan project)

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Love and a .38, Indie Music Bus™ October Act of the Month

It's time for another installment of the Indie Music Bus™ Act of the Month!

I couldn't be more grateful of the opportunity that I've been given by the Indie Music Bus™ to be a part of the incredible job they do supporting the #indie music community. Each month, I get the pleasure of discovering new artists who I may not have otherwise had an chance to hear. It's artist after artist of quality #indie music each and every month. And I couldn't be any happier about it!

So let's get to it, shall we? Another stellar artist is right here on MY Indie Music Blog for you to enjoy, thanks to the Indie Music Bus™.

Love and a .38 is the Indie Music Bus™ October Act of the Month. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, USA, Love and a .38 is made up of Ryan Hudson, vocals; Justin Emord, bass; Danny Excess, drums and Domo Domaracki on guitar. This quartet is one of the most polished bands you'll hear anywhere, be it on mainstream radio or streaming on any #indie station on the internet.

Now it's time to crank the volume, sit back and get ready for one helluva raucous, rocking good time!

If your ears aren't ringing, you don't have the volume up loud enough! Love and a .38 quickly became a favorite of mine. They have that sound that demands to be listened to with the windows rolled down and the volume on full blast so that EVERYONE can hear you coming!

Congrats to Love and a .38 on being named the Indie Music Bus™ Act of the Month. There are huge things coming your way... the proof is in the music. I'm looking forward to following you on your rise to the top. Then I'll be able to say I blogged about you when!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

At the 426 by Chaser Eight

If you follow me on Twitter (@cgnipp), you've more than likely seen a Tweet or two or more about me professing my absolute dying devotion to the indie acts that I've grown to love over the past few years. I refer to it as "unashamedly showing favoritism" to my favorites. This is by no means meant as any disrespect to any other artist that follows me on Twitter with hopes of making it on to this blog. In all honesty, I could write a new post every day for 6 months and still have a list of artists that are looking for my support. To those artists, I say please be patient with me. I will get around to introducing you to my faithful readers. As it stands right now, I have 63 drafts for this blog that have been started. That means a whole lot of reading and a whole lot of bad ass indie music for you all to discover. If your looking for rock, folk, alternative, hip-hop/rap, r&b, country, you're going to find it all and more right here in the days, weeks and months to come.

But.... in the meantime, let's get back to some favoritism, shall we?!

I first introduced you to Chaser Eight back in March of this year (Chaser Eight ft *AUDRA*) when I featured their EP Up and Up. Up and Up is the sole reason why I became a #Crazy8 and devoted myself to doing what small part I could to make sure the music of Chaser Eight is heard by as many of you as possible. While you're reading this, do me a small favor and turn your radio on and tune it to your local Top 40 or adult contemporary station. While you're reading these words, try to pay close attention to what you hear. Now turn the radio off and let your ears recover.... then hit play:

At the 426 is what happens when an artist is honestly thankful and grateful for their fans. What Audra, Pat, Billy, Pete and Aaron have given us is nothing short of their very souls. They have a unique sound that never wavers for the sake of conformity. This is one of the indie artists that I am completely torn over when it comes to them getting their "big break". While I want to see them succeed in the music industry beyond even their wildest dreams, I also want them to stay the small indie band from Hartford, CT that I'm dying to see at a live show.

Whatever happens, I know this much: I'll be a #Crazy8 for life and support them no matter what path their careers end up going down. And what exactly is a #Crazy8 you ask?

*Crazy 8: n. 1. A person that is extremely enthusiastic about the music Chaser Eight produces and is invested or committed to their success.

2. A fan

Yeah, that's me.

Do yourself a favor and go download At the 426 right now. Your ears will thank you!

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And for your viewing pleasure, check out the official video for Let it Roll from their EP Up and Up.

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