Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When Particles Collide - Photoelectric

Some time back, a friend of mine posed this to me: "I like your dedication to indie artists. Have you ever thought about what you'd do if one of them finally hit it big and went mainstream?"

Talk about a dilemma! Well, after today, the time for me to answer that question might happen a lot sooner rather than later!

Today is the official world wide release of the new When Particle Collide album, Photoelectric!

It's been nearly three and a half years since my earholes were first exposed to the thunderous rock n roll of When Particles Collide. I've followed them all over the state of Maine from Bangor to Portland and points in between, and all the way down to New Hampshire. Truth be told, I'd follow this rock n roll power duo to the ends of the earth. They're that damn good.
I've had the pleasure of hearing a few of these tracks live and couldn't wait to hear the finished product. They do not disappoint. Photoelectric is an explosion of rock n roll badassery that we haven't heard since their EP EGO was released last year. Chris and Sasha continue to make music on their terms, which is good for us and bad for mainstream music. I say that because the bar is raised so high now, there's not much of a chance of me EVER going back the mainstream route again! Well played Chris and Sasha. Well played.

Head over to their Bandcamp page and download your copy of Photoelectric now. While you're there, make sure you order a copy on pink vinyl. Or cd. Hell, make it the ultimate rock n roll trifecta and get all three!!!

And for the record, when When Particles Collide breaks into the mainstream realm, I will continue to be one of their biggest fans. I'll have the pleasure of being able to say that I knew them when and smile at the memories of all the small clubs and bars I had the pleasure of seeing them play while they're blowing the roofs off of arenas across the country!

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Before you go, make sure you check out the When Particles Collide summer tour schedule. Chris and Sasha are on the road as of today in support of Photoelectric and chances are they'll be in a city near you as they treck across the country and back! I personally guarantee that, as a veteran of more live shows than I can count with my shoes off, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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