Monday, July 9, 2012

What's in a name? Let's find out with In Air...

Hello everyone! I feel like I'm hitting somewhat of a stride with this blog... let's hope I don't kill my own momentum!

Time to introduce you to another indie artist. This band holds a special place with me. They are one of my 3 or 4 original indie favorites, and one that I tend to lean towards more when promoting (no offense to ANY other indie artist out there that I may follow or to any of you that I have yet to discover). In Air, formerly known as Nobody Gets Killed, are comprised of Mo Nabulsi- Vocals, Keys, Guitar; Michael Overton- Lead Guitar; Kyle Matthews- Bass & Anthony- Drums (what's up with the no last name credit? Who do you think you are, Prince or someone? LOL! Just kidding!). Check out this video of the guys explaining the name change (from RAW:Orange County "Menagerie")

"In Air was born from the intent of creating music based on instinct and experimentation, rather than structured assembly. While numerous influences are evident, the music is nothing less than unique. With an approach free from pretense and spectacle, In Air strives for music that is traditional and accessible, yet subtly profound; something that bares its collective soul. It's alternative. It's pop. It's contemporary. It has groove. It has melody. It has the natural passion and intensity that have made In Air a hit in studio and on stage."

Truer words could not have been written to describe In Air.

These days it seems too easy for every other critic or blogger to compare an artist to another artist, which to me seems unfair to both. I don't think that there is a single artist in the history of music who set out to be compared to one of their contemporaries. Any artist who doesn't set out to make their own mark in the music industry is more than likely setting themselves up for failure. Enter In Air. From the first time that I listened to a song on their website, to the first time I listened to their debut cd "Just A Seed" (recorded under the name Nobody Gets Killed), I couldn't contain my excitement at what the music industry could be again. To this day, there is not another artist past or present that I would dare compare them to. I firmly believe that they are more than capable of standing tall and bright in the mainstream music industry on their own merit. The biggest compliment that I think this band deserves is to compare them to no one and let their music speak for itself:

I'll give you a quick thought or two on their debut cd "Just A Seed". From the opening radio dial tuning intro of "Shortwave" to the hauntingly melodic closer "Willow", there isn't a bad track on this album. I wish I were more of a "technical" person so that I could break down each song for you, but that would defeat the purpose of this blog. I'm just a fan, so my critique will always be based on what music I believe that the artist believes. I want to feel their passion when they sing the lyrics. I want the music they play to move me and inspire me (in what way depends on the mood of the music). My personal favorite, "Breakdown", is a radio friendly melody driven ditty with some of the best instrumentals I've heard in this current generation of music, and yes that includes ANY artist from indie to mainstream. Another favorite, "Another Day Late", has some very thought provoking lyrics: "Pure is the love affair. The cure is no longer there. Just another day late." This album will forever be a personal favorite of mine... so do yourself a favor and check it out!

One of the biggest compliments that can be paid to an artist is to be recognized by their peers for the music they put their heart and soul into. On February 10, 2012, Artists In Music (presented by The Great Unknowns, who coincidentally happen to be listed as one of my top Internet radio choices for indie music at named In Air (Nobody Gets Killed) 2012 Best Alternative Artist in a near unanimous decision. Here they are accepting the award:

Be sure to follow them this year and vote for them as they are nominated yet again for 2013 Best Alternative Artist by Artists In Music.

Make sure you follow this blog for future updates on In Air. One of the most important updates coming soon is the release of their next cd, which I am anxiously awaiting to review for you!

Now on to the important stuff! Please follow In Air on Twitter at @inairmusic

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And check out their new website for all of the latest coming and goings of In Air and updated show info

As always, please give indie music a chance and support unsigned artists. Even though their music is free to download, please do not hesitate to purchase it when and where you are able. These artists are putting this music out there for you to enjoy on their own dime, and from what I've seen, it isn't cheap these days!

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  1. Carlos, thank you so much for this write up! We have to figure out something special for you for doing this. You are a gifted writer and an amazing fan!

  2. Keep giving us your best and that's all I'll ever need in return!