Monday, July 30, 2012

Help Dion Roy get to the U.K.

Hey everyone! Just stopping in to see if I can help out a deserving indie artist... that's what I'm here for after all!

Dion Roy is one of the MANY artists that I've discovered listening to Wise Radio, and he's joined the ever growing population of indie artists taking over my iPod. Indie music has taken over my life so much so that I don't recognize 85% of the music played on mainstream radio these days... and I LOVE IT!!!

So do yourself a favor and first discover one of the coolest indie artists around today!

Find him on Facebook:

Dion Roy on Facebook

And follow along some of the quirkiest Tweets around:

Dion Roy on Twitter

Don't forget his YouTube channel:

Dion Roy YouTube channel

And as always, support the artist by purchasing his music on iTunes:

Dion Roy iTunes

Now on to the matter at hand. Dion was recently invited by Tyler Hilton to join him on a tour across the pond in the United Kingdom. Now, the U.K. has been nice enough to grace us with such acts recently as Euphoria Audio, Slam Cartel, Rum Honey, The New Caldera & The Verdict that it's the least we can do to send them one of our best... Dion Roy! But he needs YOUR help!

Click on this link:


Please help out in ANY way that you can!

Now get out there and support Dion on his journey to the U.K., and hit up all of your friends and family on Facebook and TWEET LIKE HELL to ALL of your followers on Twitter... GO NOW!!!!

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