Saturday, July 7, 2012

Allow me to introduce you to David Gielan

Hello everyone! Hope the weekend is treating you well!

This is my first attempt at an indie artist feature, so I hope I can do this amazing artist justice. For those who didn't catch his background as an indie favorite of mine, check out my first blog post.

Now, let's get on with introducing you to David Gielan!

David Gielan is one of those artists that comes along once in a great while. As a singer/songwriter, his passion for his music is evident in every song that he has released so far in his career. From his debut album "Idea Lab", to his time spent as lead singer of Simple 6 and Oh Crap! Ninjas, to my all-time favorite indie album "The Imperfect Tense", to his more current, mainstream radio friendly offerings like "Miracles" and "Simple Days", you'd be hard pressed to find an indie artist with as impressive a catalog. In addition to writing his own material, he also produces his own music at his L.A. production company Melody Maker Productions. When he dons his producer hat, MMP turns out some of the best indie music around from artists like Lorelei Carlson, Jabal Torres and David West (the guy's got hip-hop cred... who woulda thunk it!).

I've been following David on Twitter and Facebook for some time now. I was very excited for him last October when he went on his "Left Coast Tour" of various California venues with another of my indie favorites Mariana Bell (you'll be introduced to her in a later post!) and had a great time promoting his dates on that tour thru Twitter. I even managed to get an old high school friend who lives in the Bay Area to attend one of his shows (she's a fan now, go figure!)! If you get a chance, click on the link below for a look at a set they did at Last Stage West.

So it's time to give #Gielanation a shot. Follow him on Twitter at @davidgielan, look for him on Facebook... I'm gonna step away now and let the music speak for itself. All the links you need are below, so start clicking away and find out for yourself why I consider David Gielan the greatest indie artist of all time!

Find David Gielan on Twitter:

Find David Gielan on Facebook:

Check out the happenings at Melody Maker Productions:

Subscribe to the David Gielan YouTube channel for some hidden gems!

Download his music on iTunes, and CDBaby:

Check out the David Gielan artist page on Reverbnation and get a free MP3!

Here's one of my favorite Simple 6 tunes... All the Way Down

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a major record label has EVER made (not naming any names, but I think someone at Geffen Records should have lost their job over this one!)... David Gielan and Ryan "Frogs" McCormack rocking their asses off as Oh Crap! Nonjas and their song Someday.

More OC!N

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know this incredibly talented artist. More artist features will be coming up in future posts, including In Air Music, Lit On the Flash, David Geftakys, Mike Peralta and Mariana Bell, just to name a few!

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