Monday, July 30, 2012

The importance of supporting YOUR favorite artist

Hello again everyone! It's time for a bonus post tonight. And I hope that I can convey this one to you properly because it's something that's weighed heavily on my mind for a couple of days now.

I've touched on, in a previous post, the importance of the fans to indie artists. Going back and reading that post, I don't think that I got my point across quite the way that I wanted to. It took a conversation I had with the lead singer of Lit On The Flash, Jake Roche, to make me rethink this.

This past Saturday night was the 5th time that I've been fortunate to see Lit On The Flash live. This show was the second time that I've seen them as a duo (after recently amicably parting ways with their bass player). Now again, I will admit that my opinion of this band is completely biased in every way, shape and form. I honestly believe that GREAT things are ahead for Jake and Kerry, and hopefully in the very near future. Every time I've seen them live, I just sit back and smile to myself at how much better they get every time out. And this doesn't even include the shows of theirs that I don't get to. 

Editor's note: Contrary to what some may (jokingly- I hope!) say, I am not stalking this band! I just know a good thing when I hear it!

Now something that I've said about them in the past that's worth repeating is this: as a fan, I wait for the day (soon) when they get their shot and get to share their passion with the rest of you in the world who haven't discovered them yet. But also as a fan, I'm going to miss these small club and bar shows that I get to see them play now. I'll put this out there because I know they won't... if you read my post introducing them to you, you'll remember that part of Jake and Kerry's pedigree is that they were both members of the band Jeremiah Freed. For those of you not from the Northeast or who may have slept thru the early part of the 2000's, Jeremiah Freed was a pretty big deal when they came out. Now these guys could easily capitalize on that and use it to their advantage when it comes to promoting shows, but they don't. Do they even realize that they could and sell a few more tickets at the doors to their shows? Or do they consciously choose not to so that they can sell their fans on them, and not what they used to be? If I know them as well as I think I do, I would hedge my bets on it being the latter.

What I'm trying to get at here now is this: something that Jake said to me that made me rethink this was to the effect of not having (as a song writer) his finger on the pulse of what the fans are looking for these days. For someone trying to re-establish themselves on the national music scene, I can't imagine how this weighs on HIS mind. You have to keep in mind that this latest album of theirs was recorded in Kerry's converted garage and mixed by the guys themselves. When I say, on many occasions, that these artists are putting their music out there for your enjoyment on their dime, I'm not kidding! And to think that since they've released the album it's been FREE on their BandCamp page! The return on their investment is when they build a fan base dedicated enough to come out to their shows. Will most people travel as much as I have to see them play a show? Maybe not, but if you're a fan and are within a relative proximity to a show, PLEASE come out and support them! 

And this is not just reserved for fans of Lit On The Flash... this is meant for ALL fans of indie music! It's just as important to use YOUR influence on your Facebook friends and family as well as those who follow you on Twitter, as it is to bombard your local radio stations, whether it be Top 40, adult contemporary, modern/hard rock or alternative, to request the music of your favorite indie artist. It's ultimately going to be YOUR voice who gets their music where it belongs, on the radio for EVERYONE to enjoy!

So let's start NOW making a difference. 

Support Unsigned Artists. Give Indie Music A Chance!

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