Monday, July 16, 2012

Well, it sounded like a good idea...

Hello everyone! Hope Monday has been kind to you all... I had a LONG day at work, compounded by the fact that I thought I had a cool new idea for my blog that sorta distracted me this afternoon.

What started out as, what I thought, an excellent idea quickly tuned into something that I don't think got enough thought from me to begin with before I opened my mouth! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the following Tweet earlier today:

"INDIE ARTISTS: PLEASE READ THIS POST! As part of my new blog ( I would like to incorporate a weekly post of indie shows. If possible, I would like to post this by Sunday evening of each week for the coming week's shows. I will add links to your tour page as well as the venue(s) that you will be performing at. At this time, I will include each indie act that currently follows me on Twitter. IF you would like to be included in this, you DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER... I am far from being that shallow. IF you would like to be included, just send me an @ on Twitter to and I will be more than happy to include you too! I'm going to give this a trial run later this evening and post some show times for this week, so look for my Tweet later this evening!"

Well, that sounded like such a good idea to me that I even had to use Twitlonger to put that out there! This is where the planning portion takes place. I sat down about 30 minutes ago and figured the best way to track the indie artists that follow me would be to put you all on a spreadsheet (like I don't see enough of THOSE at work). Then I added in your website or Facebook links... I was even going so far as to put links to your "show" pages on there. I got about 60 artists into the spreadsheet before I realized that some of you don't play shows on a somewhat regular basis. Some of you don't have websites up. Some of you don't have events pages set-up on your Facebook pages. Some of you only have YouTube channels... you get the idea.

I still think that this is something that I would like to try to do, but I don't think that I personally have the capability to pull it off with the original intent that I thought. I'm closing in on 300 followers, and a good chunk of you are indie artists. So I'm looking for some feedback and what YOU may think would be a good way to implement this and incorporate it into my blog. One thing that's come to mind as I type this was tagging Tweets by YOU the artists as favorites and culling the info from them into this blog, still on a weekly basis (but I would track the Tweets daily so that I don't end up with 40 or 50 or 60 Tweets at the end of the week to go thru). It's a thought.

So let me know what you think. Leave a comment here or send me a Tweet (@cgnipp). I'd love to put all of this on Facebook too, but I just don't do enough on there these days to try to justify spending twice as much time on the internet as I already do. Plus, FB keeps changing so much that it's starting to look like a Sunday sales circular these days.

Be back tomorrow with a new artist feature... wonder who it'll be???

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