Thursday, September 20, 2012

Song(s) of the day for 9/20/2012

Are you in for a treat today! Not only are we closing in on the weekend, you get to experience The VeraGroove!

Phoenix, AZ based The VeraGroove are made up of Rick Moore, vocals/guitar; Corey Groove, bass; Sean Lee, keys; Johnny Groove, drums; and Ben Broyles, saxophone/alternate percussion. With a sound that encompasses a little it of reggae, a little bit of rock n roll and a whole lot of soul, The VeraGroove's sound is best described by their SoundCloud bio: 

"Music is often classified and categorized into genre. We divide and control which types of melodies and rhythms determine the sound of, at least in our own opinions, rock, country, classical, or jazz, etc... However, as we ascend and rise above a heavily commercial musical threshold, more and more bands are moving away from formula driven blueprints and are experimenting and venturing into new artistic territories. The Veragroove is a culmination of this kind of experiment. Derived from "Truth in Music", the Veragroove collective faces the musical challenge that what may be music to some may not be music to others. " 

I couldn't have done them justice any other way! These guys are amazing, and I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do! 

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