Monday, September 24, 2012

Naked On Roller Skates

Yes, you did read the title of this post correctly. Today, I'm introducing you to Boston area band Naked On Roller Skates.

It was back in February of this year that I finally made it to my first (of many) Lit On the Flash shows, this one at the Empire Dine & Dance in Portland, ME. Also that night, I was first introduced to 2 other Maine indie acts, Temperature of the Sun and When Particles Collide (both bands based in Bangor, ME). It was the 2nd act on the bill that night that really stuck with me right off the bat, Naked On Roller Skates.  Led by the vocals of Leesa Coyne (Mmmm... Leesa <--- yes, I'm a guy and she can sing her ass off and is smoking hot!), lead guitarist Travis Richter, bassist Kevin Harvey and drummer Aaron Zak, Naked On Roller Skates has that rare indie sound that is unmistakably equal parts 110% original and radio ready to stand on its own and make a mark on the recording industry.

That night at the Empire I bought their debut EP I Lost My Heart in the Battle and have been hooked on them since.

I've anxiously been awaiting their 2nd EP, which last I heard was in the mixing stages, so we can expect more great tunes from them soon... provided they haven't knifed each other in the process of getting the new EP finished!

The essential Naked On Roller Skates links: 

Naked On Roller Skates on Facebook

Naked On Roller Skates on Twitter

Naked On Roller Skates ReverbNation page

Naked On Roller Skates OurStage profile page

Naked On Roller Skates on iTunes 

Naked On Roller Skates on 

Check them out and see for yourself why I'm a fan!

Support unsigned artists... give inside music a chance.

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