Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh Crap! Ninjas

Hello again everyone out there on the world wide web! What's everyone up to this evening? Me? Just listening to some tunes... got the iPod cranking again and one of my absolute all-time favorite songs comes on (Someday by Oh Crap! Ninjas), so I thought I'd revisit some David Gielan tunes with you!

I am a firm believer that I would be missing out on something in life had I not discovered the music of David Gielan. It wasn't until I got into his music that I realized what a pile of shit mainstream radio has been serving up for us for years. I credit him with opening my eyes to the world of the indie artist. One of David's finest moments musically, in my humble opinion, was THIS ALBUM by THIS BAND.

I'm silently cheering for an OC!N reunion... maybe an EP in the future, who knows? I do know that I have mixed feelings about Geffen Records screwing the pooch on signing this band though. Chances are I would have heard of them a lot sooner than I did, but the downside may have been David Gielan becoming a HUGE rock n roll superstar and we wouldn't have gotten his best to date from him... The Imperfect Tense!

Go out and get this album now... it belongs in your music collection!!!

Oh Crap! Ninjas on

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