Friday, April 4, 2014

Palaye Royale

My journey of indie music discovery started roughly four years ago. In that time, I've seen more than my fair share of indie artists come and go. Some have affected me more profoundly than others have. The one thing that they all had in common was a lack of a dedicated fan base, regardless of the size. There was never a lack of or a question of the artistic ability, they just couldn't seem to grab a hold of the smallest fan base there is in music today, the indie fan.

Well, my world has been turned completely upside down over the course of the past few months. If you're an indie artist yourself reading this, pay close attention to the band I bring you tonight. It's time for you all to meet Palaye Royale.

I first came across the music of the Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, based band a couple of months ago as a panel judge for the Indie Music Bus™ Artist of the Month/Year act. The band was up against some pretty stiff competition that particular month and just missed out on making it. They garnered another shot by the Bus last month and walked away with the honors as the March Artist of the Month. I want to apologize to both the band and the Indie Music Bus™ for missing out on getting this post done in time for them to be properly recognized for that achievement. In light of recent events, which will be explained to you in just a few moments, the band deserves their space here on MY Indie Music Blog in a HUGE way!

The current incarnation of the band is made up of Remington Leith, vocals; Sebastian Danzig, guitar/organ  and Emerson Barrett, drums. With a somewhat throwback sound that's described as fashion art/rock, the guys are making huge waves in the world of not just indie music, but the industry as a whole thanks to a stint in the current MTV News Musical March Madness contest. In the process of making it to the FINAL FOUR, they have knocked off (and pissed off the fans of) some mainstream radio heavy hitters, such as Vampire Weekend, Coldplay, Bastille and Tokio Hotel. For a complete DIY indie act, this is quite an accomplishment! And this is also where the aforementioned fan base comes in to play. The Soldiers of the Royale Council are burning up MTV's voting site to make sure their band succeeds. And it's not just this contest that they're turning up in droves to support the band in. The video for their single Get Higher is now closing in on the benchmark viewership total of 1 million YouTube views (currently knocking on the door of 900,000 views). This is nearly unheard of for an indie artist!

Oh yeah, there's also the worldwide ad campaign for Samsung featuring the band and Get Higher. No biggie, right?!

Not too shabby guys. Not too shabby.

Head over to iTunes now to download the band's debut EP The Ends Beginning as well as Get Higher and their single Morning Light. They've quickly become a favorite on my iPod. From start to finish, Palaye Royale is good old fashioned rock n roll. And that's just the way we like it here at MY Indie Music Blog!

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