Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dos Ringos

As I've made mention within the posts of this blog in the very recent past, one thing that I am most grateful for since I started this whole thing is the ability that indie music gives me to listen outside of the box. I had always considered myself to be somewhat diverse in my musical choices. Aside from jazz and classical, I thought that I had pretty well covered the musical spectrum. Little did I know how much of said spectrum I had actually never given a chance to. Until now.

Following in the footsteps of Simpleton & Cityfolk, The Porter Draw and The Ghost of Paul Revere, I'm bringing the Americana sound back to MY Indie Music Blog. Please join me in welcoming Dos Ringos!

Dos Ringos is a collaboration between lifelong friends Scot Heminger and Trent Harris. Straight out of the heartland of America, the band is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. To say the guys nail the Americana sound is somewhat of an understatement. Sometimes country, sometimes blues and even a bit rock n roll, Dos Ringos pulls off one of the most far reaching and dynamic sounds in music today.

It's not every day that a band like Dos Ringos comes along. In today's mainstream radio, country music itself is mostly overshadowed by a new breed of country singer that seems more interested in cross-over appeal than in staying true to the country sound. There is a huge void that Americana can fill, and Dos Ringos should be right at the forefront of the charge!

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