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David Gielan - The Indie Music Bus™ April 2014 Artist of the Month

April 6, 2010. It was within one month of that date that my outlook on mainstream music would forever change. April 6, 2010, is the day that the Indie Music Bus™ April Artist of the Month, David Gielan, released his album The Imperfect Tense. To say that I've become a fan of his over the past 4 years is somewhat of an understatement. On the off chance that you haven't become a fan yet, tonight just may be your night!

Returning to MY Indie Music Blog yet again is Los Angeles, California, USA based indie singer/songwriter David Gielan. David runs the gamut of indie music when it comes to what he has offered us over the years. From his first release, 2005's jazz infused rocker Idea Lab, to the aforementioned The Imperfect Tense, to a slew of singles ranging from hip-hop (yes, he has serious hip-hop cred!), to adult contemporary, to soft rock, to flat out knock you on your ass alternative rock (as a member of alt/rockers Oh Crap! Ninjas), to his most recent offering, Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1, David takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride by leaving his heart and soul in every recording he writes, records, produces and scores. Oh, you didn't know he was a producer, too? We'll get to that in a minute.

It's going to be hard for me to pick just a few recordings to share with you here. I honestly don't think (contrary to what he will tell you himself) that David has ever had a bad day in the studio.

In addition to being a top-notch recording artist, David is also making waves in the entertainment industry as an entrepreneur. He is the owner of Melody Maker Productions, located in downtown Los Angeles, as well as MMP Audio (a full service audio post-producton company) and the newly formed AudioProDB (more on them in a moment, too). MMP is where musical nirvana happens on a daily basis, as David has produced music for the likes of Poor Yorick, Lorelei Carlson, Wayne Stylez and Brandon West, to name a few. This also includes producing all of his own material as well as musical scores for placement with television and films.

2014 has also seen David nominated for three awards by the Artists in Music Awards as singer/songwriter of the year, adult contemporary artist of the year and producer of the year, ultimately being a finalist in the adult contemporary and producer categories. While he didn't bring home the trophies this year, the exposure was worth the efforts put forth by his fans to secure the nods for him. I'm already looking forward to next year's awards!

Let's not forget the epic collaboration between David and another indie favorite of MY Indie Music Blog, the 2012 Indie Music Bus™ Artist of the Year, David Geftakys. Their song, You're Alive, is a song about love, hope and seizing the moment to be who you're meant to be.

Congratulations to David on being named the Indie Music Bus™ April 2014 Artist of the Month! You can check him out all month long on the Bus's official website and anytime on David's ReverbNation page.

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David Gielan ReverbNation page

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Melody Maker Productions official website 

David's newest venture, AudioProDB, is looking to revolutionize the music business by creating a online audio credits database.

(A note from Founder David Gielan) As an audio professional for the last 25 years, I am tired of not having this as a resource for my career. I have worked as a composer, recording engineer, music producer, sound designer, etc. and the only way you are going to know what I worked on is by going to my personal website and if you don't know my name, you are never going to find me. When I want to know who an actor was in a film, I go to Why can't there be something for music producers and alike on the web? Now there is.

A stop over to their IndoeGoGo campaign page explains the concept in more detail. Give his campaign video a watch and pledge if you can!

AudioProDB IndieGoGo campaign page

Support unsigned artists... give indie music a chance.

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