Monday, April 29, 2013

Heaven the Axe

Looks like I've found a cure for the bout of writer's block that I've been dealing with lately.

I've been dying to introduce to you, my faithful readers, one of the coolest hard rock/metal bands in the world, and I can't think of a better way to do just that.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is Heaven the Axe!

Hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Heaven the Axe is one of the hardest hitting female fronted metal/rock bands anywhere. Period.

Need proof?

I thought that would get your attention.

Heaven the Axe is comprised of Phoebe Pinnock- vocals, Steve Watts- guitar, Mat Silcock- guitar, Trav Pric- bass and Aramis SV/Tommy Rossell/Matt “Skitz” Sanders- drums.

 Now that the formalities are out of the way, let's get down to a little bit of business here, shall we?

Hard Rock Cafe is currently sponsoring a global battle of the bands competition, Hard Rock Rising The Global Battle of the Bands 2013. Heaven the Axe has won the right to represent the entire country of Australia in this global competition. What's at stake? How about a world tour for starters? And reading the contest rules, there are quite a few other goodies in store for the winning band as well!

Need more proof of how badass this band is?

Now this is where you, the fans, come into play. The voting is intense to say the least. The band currently has 6824 "likes" on Facebook and 2485 followers on Twitter. WHY IN THE HELL DO THEY ONLY HAVE 225 VOTES IN THIS COMPETITION? It's time to step up folks. I know there are a lot of bands in this competition. Some of you may already have cast a vote for another band, and that's fine. If you haven't already voted, why not take literally less than 30 seconds of your time to vote for one of the hottest bands around today?

I personally have a soft spot for indie female fronted bands, Want to know why? Turn on your local over-the-air rock radio station and listen to what they consider rock music today (I'll give you a second). Now, refer to the above SoundCloud links and ask me why again.

Very simple. Click on the link below, or the link on the band's website. Or any one of the links that have been Tweeted or posted on Facebook by Phoebe. Let's do the right thing and help get Heaven the Aze out on the road for ALL the world to enjoy!

Voting is ending soon... too soon, but there is still time! VOTE NOW THRU MAY 1ST. And please share this with everyone you know!!!

Hard Rock Rising: The Global Battle of the Bands 2013

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