Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rock n Roll brought to you by... You vs Me!

Hello everybody on the world wide web! Welcome again to my blog. Anyone ready for an artist feature? I thought you might be.... where should we venture off to tonight? I know. Let's see what our neighbors to the north have for us to check out.

You vs Me! hails from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Band members Chris P, Mykle, Curly & Dave Q. Pyle bring an edge to rock n roll sorely missing from the mainstream.


Is an understatement when it comes to describing their sound.

You vs Me! is also one of the most fan friendly bands out there. And THAT says a lot when it comes to talking about indie artists and their interactions with their fans.

I apologize for being a blogger of not many words this time around. With music this damn good, words are sometimes hard to come by. Sometimes, it's best to just let the music do the talking for me!

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Before I go, I will say this. As it's so often repeated within the confines of this blog, mainstream radio around the world is broken (thank you for the enduring quote David Gielan!). Record execs today are just like any other execs in corporate America (and all over the world). The bottom line is their bottom line. Line their pockets and shove the worst music out there today down the earholes of every tween that drives the radio plays and jacks up the record sales of soooo many not so talented acts. Notice I didn't refer to them as artists? We need someone to fix mainstream music so that future generations aren't stuck with classics derived from today's airwaves.

When my time is drawing near, I'm going to bury my own time capsule. And in that time capsule is going to be every song ever recorded by You vs Me! (along with many others of course) to show future generations that once upon a time, there was actually some bad ass music out there!

Support unsigned artists... give indie music a chance.

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