Saturday, November 24, 2012

New album on the horizon from David Geftakys!

Hello, hello!

I'm posting this blog now because it's driving me crazy that we are soooo close to the release of the highly anticipated album from our friend David Geftakys! In just over 12 days from now, I will be sharing with you what all of us on TeamDG have been waiting for... what is certain to be one of the greatest indie albums ever recorded!!!

David, I couldn't be more excited for you! I'm hoping that this album springboards your career to the heights that all of us on TeamDG know you are capable and deserving of.

To those of you who haven't joined TeamDG yet, there's no time like the present (read: JOIN NOW!) to come along with us on this amazing journey with one of the most insanely talented indie artists out there!

Head over to David's webpage to join the official countdown:

Follow David Geftakys on Twitter and Like David Geftakys on Facebook for updates as we draw closer to the release of The Games We Play!!!!!

Support unsigned artists... give indie music a chance.


  1. You guys are amazing in the way that you support new music. I'm excited for you all to hear the new album as well. Proud to be on the Indie Music Bus!

  2. He is amazing and I am so looking forward to the album. I so wish I could attend the release party. I hope you are there to blog about it.