Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When Particles Collide - Constant Disaster

What's this? ANOTHER post about When Particles Collide? Well, considering they've released the first single and video off of their upcoming album Photoelectric, YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT'S ANOTHER POST ABOUT WHEN PARTICLES COLLIDE!

You're going to be seeing the picture above frequently in the weeks to come. With a June 10th release date upcoming, anything and everything to do with the release of this album will be shared, blogged about, posted on Facebook and Tweeted as often as it needs to be to get the word out! I was one of the lucky ones (READ: SMART) who pre-ordered my pink vinyl copy of Photoelectric and was rewarded with an early download of Constant Disaster prior to its official release. It's been stuck in my head for the better part of 2 weeks now. I don't see it leaving there anytime soon either.

Sasha and Chris are really on to something special here. I CAN NOT WAIT for Photoelectric to be released in all its vinyl/digital glory. There are even rumors of a hidden track on the vinyl album. You really should have ordered a copy!

In the meantime, enjoy Constant Disaster and keep checking back with me here at MY Indie Music Blog for anything and everything you need to know about WPC... they're about to reach Lit on the Flash status as my most blogged about artist!

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