Monday, March 3, 2014

Melic - An Hour to Anywhere

July of 2012 was when I really ramped up my support of indie artists. This is when I first discovered the now defunct Wise Radio, who at the time was nearly unmatched for their support of indie artists. This is also, coincidentally, where and when I first heard Melic.

Now tonight, I give to you the long overdue introduction to Melic and their debut album An Hour to Anywhere.

Melic is a 4-piece mix of eclectic music goodness based out of London. Made up of Andrew Coogan, drums; Romy Attewell, sax/keyboards; Steve Hitchcock, bass/vocals and Mark Hitchcock, vocals/guitar/trumpet, Melic draws on individual musical influences from singer/songwriter to metal to classical to funk/rock. One listen and it all comes together seamlessly into one huge pop/rock/funk explosion for your earholes!

An Hour to Anywhere turned out to be a true labor of love for Melic. It took them 5 years to record this album while they were headlining some of the top venues in London as well as touring New Zealand to critical acclaim in 2012. This is one of the finest examples of what mainstream radio is depriving us of today- originality and artistry that is unmatched.

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