Monday, March 17, 2014

Broken Romeo - What Are You Looking For?

I am here tonight to bear witness to the rock n roll supremacy of one Broken Romeo.

And I brought proof.

Regular readers of this blog should be well versed on Tuscon, Arizona, USA's Broken Romeo. We were given our first taste of their upcoming EP, Side One (2014), when the guys released the first single, Broken Man, which was quite the satisfying appetizer.

Now, we've been given the first course... and what a helping of rock n roll the guys put on our plates! Feast your ears on W.A.U.L.F. (What Are You Looking For?)!

Broken Romeo has succeeded in taking the "modern" tag out of the rock genre and just flat out rock their collective asses off like no one's business. Period. 

I can't say enough times how much I absolutely love this band. Every new song they give us just proves what I've know all along, and what it's time for the rest of the world to find out. Broken Romeo is the real deal. End of story.

Head over to their BandCamp page today to order your copy of W.A.U.L.F. as well as Broken Man. Once you're done there, get your ass over to their ReverbNation page for some true BR classics... then hit up iTunes and Amazon to get your copy of Depseration Daze. DO IT NOW!

The official Broken Romeo website

Broken Romeo on BandCamp

Broken Romeo on ReverbNation

Broken Romeo on iTunes

Broken Romeo on

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