Monday, August 19, 2013

Dungaree Dogs NYC

Gooood evening! How is everyone out there? Excellent I hope... and ready to hear some cool ass tunes, otherwise you wouldn't be here! I've got a doozy for you tonight, so I hope you're ready for this one.

Tonight, I give to you, my faithful fans, friends and lovers of all things indie, Dungaree Dogs NYC!

This is a post that I have waited patiently for nearly a year and half to bring to you. Mainly because it took poor Bobby "Slacks" a while to catch up with technology and get their music on the world wide web. But we're not mad at ya Bob... we love ya brother!

Dungaree Dogs NYC hail from, you guessed it, Howard Beach, New York. This is the ultimate rock n roll garage band who can hit you with some of the coolest cover tunes around, then turn around and hit your earholes with some of the best original tunes this side of your father's 60's garage band. Dungaree Dogs NYC are Bobby "Slacks" on guitar/bass/vocals, Joey "Bones" on drums and Bobby "Wheels" on bass/vocals/guitar. These guys are so old school they don't need last names. And that's just the way I love it!

What you've just been introduced to is a sampling of what these guys have to offer. Best of all, you find originality in their rough demos, which is exactly what these are. Rough demos. But you know what, there is more passion in these demos than almost anything you get out of the mainstream today. You feel their heart in every note sung and their soul in every note played.

Dungaree Dogs NYC were brought into my life just about the time that I embarked on my journey of indie music discovery. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for that. Bobby "Slacks", you're the coolest of the cool of my friend. Here's to you!

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