Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The WHY (band) Weep official video viral challenge

Good evening my faithful indie music junkies! I'm getting ready to post another blog for you of a new band I've discovered, but before I do, I want to give something a shot. Hopefully you'll go along with this so that we can see what the power of the people can accomplish!

WHY is an alt/rock band based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that many of you will recall from my post introducing them to you this past February ( Just a few weeks ago, they released their official video for their latest single Weep. This song is full of emotion and has such an inspirational message about not losing hope that it deserves and needs to go viral on YouTube. This is where you come in. As best as I can tell, any video on YouTube becomes viral sometime after 100,000 views. I know that seems like a lot for a video that's been out for just a few weeks, but it can be done. 

What I need for each and every one of you to do is this: I normally post videos within the context of this blog, but for the views to actually count, the video MUST be viewed on YouTube itself. Here is the link:

WHY - "Weep" official video

I often put myself out there for the indie artists that I follow and support because I believe in them and the music that they give to us. WHY is another example of my unwavering support. It's time that the whole world is introduced to this amazingly talented band, and the fact that this very blog is currently being viewed by people in 21 different countries around the world, there is no reason why we can't get Weep to go viral!!!

What is it that you need to do you ask? You already know the answer to that. Click on the link to the video, watch it. Like it. Comment on it. SHARE it with your followers on Twitter. SHARE it with your friends and family on Facebook or MySpace (yes, it's making a comeback!), Pinterest, Tumblr, whatever social networking site you prefer, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!! 

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I have faith in you, my faithful readers, that we can do our part to help Weep go viral. Now get out there and watch and share!!!

Support unsigned artists... give indie music a chance.


  1. Wow! Thank you isn't enough. No words for such kindness.

    Oh our myspace is:

  2. WHY have released 2 new songs from the next album they are currently recording. "Repair The Breach" and The Comeback" see the videos on their facebook page or