Wednesday, June 19, 2013


It's happened again... I've found another obsession in the world of indie music.

Tonight, I give to you, my faithful readers, one of the most original indie bands I've had the pleasure of discovering for myself.

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, USA, I present, for your musical enjoyment, ROBĒ (pronounced Row-bee).

"Country is a state of mind, rock is a verb, and genres are irrelevant." I couldn't come up with a more perfect description of this band if I tried. Not at all like a traditional country band and not at all like a traditional rock n roll band, ROBĒ has created a sound so unique, it takes you a moment to realize there's a cello playing in a southern rock song!

ROBĒ is Jeff Robe, lead vocals & acoustic guitar; Ryan Jasperson, drums; Mike Schmidt, lead guitar & backing vocals; Mike Eager, guitar, backing vocals & mandolin; Luis Santos, cello & Dave Lucas, bass.

About 10 seconds into their first song that I listened to on their official website, Truth of Love, I downloaded their 2009 EP, Shine off of iTunes and have been listening to it nearly non-stop for 2 days. They are THAT good people! Drawing on many influences in traditional country music and classic southern rock bands, ROBĒ is forging a sound for themselves that will undoubtedly make them a force to be reckoned with in mainstream country music. And I have no doubt that this is going to happen very soon for them!

This is definitely one of those "can't miss" bands that come along all too infrequently these days. I hear they're working on new material these days. I can't wait to see that they give us next, or what the future holds for them. They've got a fan for life over here!

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