Friday, December 4, 2015

Lukas Rossi

Tonight is the long overdue introduction of one of the most ridiculously talented independent artists in modern rock music.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada native Lukas Rossi has been on the music scene since 1992. My introduction to Lukas was in 2006 when he was a contestant on the CBS reality singing competition Rockstar Supernova. I'll be the first to admit that he wasn't my favorite to win. That distinction went to another artist who has been prominently featured on this very blog (can you guess who it is?), but that doesn't mean that I wasn't instantly a fan of his. I've followed his impressive career for nearly 10 years now thanks to that show, and tonight, you get to experience Lukas Rossi for yourself!

Over the years, Rossi has amassed one hell of an impressive collection of music for us to indulge our souls in. From fronting bands such as Cleavage, Rockstar Supernova, Stars Down, Switchblade Glory and most recently, Halo Method, to his solo material, you have one of the most accomplished independent artists in the world.

This is just a small sampling of what is Lukas Rossi. With one of the most powerfully expressive and unique voices in rock music today, it won't take much longer before the world is again taken over by the sound that's here to save rock n roll.

Make sure you head over to the official Lukas Rossi website for all things Lukas Rossi. Follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and look for his music on all of the major music streaming services and on iTunes.

And as always, check back here at MY Indie Music Blog for all things Lukas Rossi.

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  1. Great write-up Carlos. I back everything you said, except....he was my number one choice from the moment I heard him sing. I couldn't get him out of my head.

  2. I echo what Kristine said - he was my favorite from the first performance and never disappointed. I'd love to see him produce even more music and his latest cover of Hello was killer!