Monday, December 7, 2015

Jessica Meuse

Country radio, it's time that you took notice of some of the up-and-coming independent artists that are about the take over your airwaves. Today's country radio definitely isn't your parent's country radio. There is quite a bit of pop in today's country, as well as (GASP!) rap. No matter which side of the fence you straddle in this debate, you can not deny the immense talent pool that country radio has to cull from.Tonight's featured artist is one such talent.

Hailing from Slapout, Alabama, USA, Jessica Meuse is a veteran of reality singing competitions, having performed on NBC's The Voice in 2012, and finishing 4th on the 13th season of Fox's American Idol. It was during her stint on Idol that she made show history by being the only contestant to date to perform an original song during live competition. By the time Meuse hit the Idol stage, I had already given up on reality singing competitions. One can only stand to hear the same songs sung season after season by a different set of competitors for so long. However, when the buzz about her performance of her original song Blue-Eyed Lie hit my radar, I was instantly intrigued. When I found Lie, I was not disappointed!

After hearing this song, I wasn't immediately convinced that country radio was in her future. While there is a strong hint of southern rock to the tune, it's her personality that comes out that screams that she's a pop star in the making. Maybe someone along the lines of a modern day Bonnie Raitt was on the verge of being unleashed to shake up mainstream radio. I had my fingers and toes crossed for this! Alas, as she's moved forward working on her upcoming debut EP, she's begun to find her country voice. And I'm okay with that. While she's been working hard on that EP, she's given us quite a few country covers that show what direction she's gone. Based on what I've been hearing, her future is all but a lock as the next big thing on country radio!

There's a level of vulnerability to her voice that let's her emotions flow freely while holding onto that rock n roll edge that has endeared her to her followers, known as the Meuse Mafia. While I'm no industry expert, I'm something even better... a fan, and from what I see and hear from Jessica Meuse, she has that "it" factor that so many try so hard to manufacturer, but for her, it just comes naturally. And for fans of country music, be it pop or traditional, Jessica Meuse is here to bridge that gap and take the genre to a whole new level!

Head over to the official Jessica Meuse website to stay up to date on the progress of her debut EP, including the release of her upcoming single Rio Grande. Follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook, and head over to her Soundcloud page to check out some of the coolest cover tunes around!

And as always, check back here on MY Indie Music Blog for all new happenings with Jessica Meuse.

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  1. I've enjoyed her ever since I heard her self recorded originals. I'm a fan. Alabama Music Scene TV