Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jesse W Johnson - Primal Scream

It's hard to believe that it's been almost three years since I got an email from one Jesse W. Johnson regarding his band Jet W Lee. He found me via this blog and reached out in hopes of getting a mention. Since then, I can't imagine this journey not including either Jet W Lee or Jesse W. Johnson!

I heard from Springfield, Illinois, USA native Johnson again recently and was given an advanced listen to his latest EP, Primal Scream, ahead of its October 17th release date. Let me say this about Primal Scream... damn! Following the tried and true blueprint from his 2014 release Cannon Rows, Johnson brings more of his darkly melodic blend of Americana, folk and indie rock front and center with Primal Scream.

The lead single and title track, Primal Scream, is one hell of an indicator as to what's in store for you. At only 5 songs, Johnson manages to pack quite a bit into a small package. He runs the gambit from rock to folk to Americana and back again, and never skips a beat. Song after song flows by and before you realize it, you've been listening for an hour or so on repeat. That's an hour or so well spent.  

"There's something sleeping inside of me and I've been waiting for it to wake up..." My pick for standout track on this EP easily goes to Fucked Up First, a rocking little ditty that gets inside of your head and stays there. I absolutely love every single thing about this song, and I for one and glad that that little something inside of Jesse W. Johnson woke up!

If you're in the greater Chicago area, make sure you head out to Cafe Mustache on Saturday, October 17th for the Primal Scream release show. If you see Jesse, tell him I said hello and buy him a beer for me!

Head over to the official Jesse W. Johnson website now. Follow Jesse on Twitter, like him on Facebook and head over to his Bandcamp page to download some (or, preferably all) of his previous tunes. And as always, follow along here at MY Indie Music Blog for all thing Jesse W. Johnson as they happen!

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