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I know we celebrated our third anniversary some time ago, but then a funny thing called life got in the way of all the music I had planned to share with you. Good thing life had a way of working things out so that we could happily co-exist. Now I can get back to what matters to us here at MY Indie Music Blog- the music!

The journey of an independent music blogger is filled with wide open highways as well as winding back roads that take us all over the musical spectrum. Fortunately for me, that means that I'm exposed to so much more music than your average mainstream radio listener. Sure, this blog has often been accused of favoritism with one style of music over another. While it's never been my intention to alienate certain types of music, this blog is more or less dependent on whatever my musical taste happens to be at any given time. It just so happens that my indie music loving soul tends to favor my rock n roll side more than most others! That is until now. This certain electro-pop duo from Canada reached out to me to take a listen to their upcoming EP and I was instantly blown away. So let's see what we've got in store for you as we officially kick off our third year of bringing you the very best in independent music from all over the world!

FEATURETTE is an electro-pop duo from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Made up of Lexie Jay (vocals) and Jon Fedorsen (drums/production). I can honestly say that I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to take a listen to their upcoming release Crave. I haven't been into the electro sound since the new wave days of the 80's (yes, I just dated myself) and the alternative sounds of the late 80's and early 90's. Admittedly, my musical preference leans towards rock and metal. It's amazing what happens to you when you break down some of your own barriers and just let the music take over your soul, which is exactly what happened when I pressed play on Crave.

Playing in two distinct volumes, Crave is best described by Lexie as "(a) ‘featurette’ - like a mini movie - so we’ve written the songs to express that story and really help the listener feel what the girl is going through. The first vol. is rather dark (craving passion, lust, destruction - the wild side), and then the second is the resolution (craving love, respect, resolution, self acceptance)..."

I found that it's nearly impossible to get the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Lexie Jay out of my head. I've found myself, on more than one occasion in the past few weeks, getting lost in the album for hours at a time, just listening to it on repeat. I've gotten tangled up in the web that they've weaved in this girls journey for love. I can feel her passion unfolding as she slips down that slippery slope of self-destruction before ultimately finding that self acceptance she craved from the beginning. A standout track on the album is Sticks and Stones, where she begs her love over and over "...I love you, I love you, don't leave me on my own." My heart literally ached the first time I heard this track. The passion and emotion in the vocals are about as real as they come. It's as if Lexie Jay has experienced this emotion in her real life (and how do we know that she hasn't?). What FEATURETTE has done is trumped any artist on mainstream radio. They've written a cohesively perfect album that brings back storytelling. There's depth and meaning to every word being sung. It flows perfectly from track to track to tell the story from the dark beginnings of Broken to the resolute finisher Procession "... somebody's gonna take over the world tonight. Somebody's gonna fall. Somebody stands tall... and that could be, I could be that girl. And she could be me..."

Well played FEATURETTE, well played. I'm hooked.

Mark October 15th on your calendar now. That's the official release date for Crave. I've heard it in its entirety. I'm obsessed. You'll find out why for yourself. And you'll thank Lexie and Jon as I am now. 

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And as always, follow along right here on MY Indie Music Blog for all things FEATURETTE as they happen.

Support independent artists. Give indie music a chance.

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