Friday, August 8, 2014

Chaser Eight - Always Be Yours

Summertime is winding down here in the Northeast. It always seems to end sooner here than in most other places. But have no fear, because our good friends down in New Haven, Connecticut have hooked us up with THE song of the summer!

While Audra, Pat, Billy, Aaron and Pete are hard at work in the studio bringing us more monumental Chaser Eight tunes, they've graciously given even more of themselves than we may deserve by serving up Always Be Yours as a FREE download on their SoundCloud page!

I got to hear the demo for this song several weeks back and was really hopeful that it would make the cut for the new album. While it wasn't quite the fit I'd hoped it would be, at least I get to hear it in its final digital glory. As soon as you hit play, you instantly realize what I've known since day one... Chaser Eight NEVER fails to deliver!

So head over to their SoundCloud page now and hit that download button! Let's show them the love they deserve from #Crazy8s all over the world!

Download Always Be Yours here and don't forget to follow the band on Twitter and like them on Facebook so that you'll be in the know when the new album drops.

And as always, follow along right here at MY Indie Music Blog for updates on everything Chaser Eight as they happen!

Support unsigned artists... give indie music a chance.

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