Monday, May 19, 2014

McKenna Loren

A quick show of hands out there: Who is a fan of country music? For those of you who didn't raise a hand, let me do my best to convince you otherwise.

Sometime around October/November of last year, I was busying myself helping to promote David Gielan and his nominations for the 2014 Artists in Music Awards. In the process, I came across the music of one McKenna Loren, who was nominated as Best Country Artist. It took all of about 1 minute of listening to her EP Dive In for me to be hooked.

So tonight, I give to you, my fellow lovers of all things indie, Buckeye, Arizona, USAs very own country starlet, the 2014 Artists in Music Awards Best Country Artist, McKenna Loren!

One listen and you know that McKenna isn't your run of the mill country pop artist. There's an honesty in her music and an emotional depth missing from a lot of country artists these days. The familiar storytelling is there. The formulaic music is there. What brings it all together though is McKenna herself.

Where so many country artists and labels are so hell bent on having mainstream or pop radio crossover appeal, it would serve the majority of them well to check out McKenna Loren to see where they've mostly gone wrong!

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