Saturday, February 22, 2014

Project Dirty - Blue Fire

Regular readers of MY Indie Music Blog know that my musical taste runs the gammitt... pretty much anything from rock to country to r&b and soul. But make no mistake, it's all indie thru and thru. Then there's "pop" or what you hear when you turn on your local Top 40 station. That genre of music is actually responsible for my love of indie music and the reason that I bring you the best that the world (literally) has to offer from independent artists.

And then there's Project Dirty and their new album Blue Fire.

I first introduced you to Project Dirty last summer (MY Indie Music Blog - Project Dirty) around the time that their single Knockout, from their EP Act 2, started to gain traction on Sirius XM. Fast forward now to their latest full-length album Blue Fire. As addicted as I've become to this Los Angeles, California, USA based duo of Rhett Fisher and Micah Faulkner, Blue Fire amps up said addiction!

From the opening track, Blue Fire, to Name in the Sky (Jfx Remix), the guys don't miss one beat. They run the table from electronic to pop to rock to dance with their most polished sound to date. As a reference, I tuned in to our local Top 40 station here. Based on what their contemporaries are putting out there, I see no reason why Project Dirty can't take over the music industry and turn it upside down on its collective ass!

This isn't some slicked up production custom made for today's radio. This is a couple of guys who've had their turn with the labels and are doing it on their own the only way they know how.

Their single Knockout is still burning up the chart on Sirius XM channel 3. Now it's time for us to help them move up the dial to channel 1 and get them on YOUR local Top 40 and Hot AC radio stations!

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