Friday, December 6, 2013

The Organ Beats

I think this is me making up for lost time here on MY Indie Music Blog! And you all get to reap the benefits!

Let me start by dropping a few names here. I want to again thank Mo Nabulsi from In Air for encouraging me to put my voice for the independent artist to blog. Nearly a year and half and now 157 posts later, we're still going strong my friend! And thank you to Jake Roche (formerly of Jeremiah Freed and Lit on the Flash) for turning me on to what you are about to experience. I've grown very fond of my like-minded indie music loving friends, and I deeply value their input when it comes to this blog and their recommendations for new (to me) artists to check out. In all honesty, and this is meant as no disrespect to any indie band or artist who has yet to make an appearance here, I tend to make these recommendations priority for blog space.

So let's get down to the matter at hand. Making their debut on MY Indie Music Blog, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, this is The Organ Beats!

Siblings Noelle (vocals/guitar/keys) and Danny LeBlanc (drums) are joined by Alex Fiorentino (lead guitar/keys) and Mikey C. (bass) to rouse you with some of the slickest rock n roll to come out of Boston since, well, Boston!

"Their records have unmistakable hints of bands with distinction, such as Weezer, The Pixies, Letters To Cleo, etc. However TOB have a charm of their own and are hard to lump into any category."

I've been listening to this album almost non-stop for the better part of a week now and still can't get enough of it! The sound takes me back to a time when the music we heard on the radio was genuine and original. At risk of showing how old I am, I almost half expect to hear a little bit of vinyl scratchiness. Yeah, this is music the way it's meant to be. Period.

Now do me a favor and welcome The Organ Beats to MY Indie Music Blog as only you, my faithful readers and fellow lovers of all things indie, can do!

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