Friday, December 6, 2013


Yes, I'm back at it again tonight. Like I said in my last post... this is me making up for lost time here on MY Indie Music Blog.

And it doesn't hurt that I've been completely blind-sided and blown away by one crazy talented young lady out of the Boston area. If you read my previous post on The Organ Beats, then the voice you're about to hear will be familiar to you, but the sound is all Noelle!

I had originally intended to include Noelle LeBlanc's solo material in my previous post on her band, The Organ Beats. After careful consideration, I decided that she deserved her own space here as well. She is that damn good!

Whether she's wearing her heart on her sleeve or synthing (is that an actual term/word?) up a cover of the Boss himself, Noelle hits it right every time.

This isn't the first time that I've heard Noelle. In fact, I'm familiar with a band that she used to front a few years ago, Damone (again, thanks Jake!). As a member of a national touring act, Noelle cut her chops on the rock stage opening for the likes of Sum 41, All American Rejects and Buck Cherry, as well as having their music featured on television shows and in video games. After going their separate ways, she found a sound distinctly her own. And I like it!

I guess this means that I'm going to have to dust off my traveling shoes and make a few trips down to Boston soon. This is a rough life that I lead!

Now go show some indie love like only you can!

Noelle LeBlanc on BandCamp

Subscribe to the official Noelle YouTube channel 

Support unsigned artists... give indie music a chance.

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