Wednesday, July 17, 2013

12 Years Driven returns to MY Indie Music Blog

It is with great pleasure that I bring back to you, my faithful followers of all things indie, 12 Years Driven back to MY Indie Music Blog!

I first introduced you to 12 Years Driven back in February of this year ( I have personally been jonesing for more from the Houston, TX, USA based metal heads since then. The guys were overly generous and sent me a copy of their new self-titled EP and let me tell you... THIS HAS BEEN WORTH THE WAIT. HOLY FUCK!!!

I like to consider myself a wordsmith of sorts (some of you may disagree), but in this instance, it really is best to let the guys take over from here and let the music speak for itself!

I've had this quick hitting 5 song EP on repeat all evening. So far, my ears haven't actually started to bleed yet, but I will welcome that when it happens!

Metal heads rejoice yet again and get your eargasm on. And just when you thought you've had enough, get yourself some more!!!

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