Saturday, September 7, 2013

Song of the day: Get Up Tonight by High Tyde

Good Saturday evening everyone!

In case you haven't realized, when I brought back the song of the day to MY Indie Music Blog, I haven't been posting a song every day. Last year when I started all this, I kind of got carried away on more than one occasion with the song of the day. More often than not I would post multiple songs of the day. After about a month of this, I decided I was watering down the whole experience for you, my faithful readers and lovers of all things indie. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know, there's a TON of indie music that needs to be shared with the world And don't worry, I'm in this for the long haul. I'll do my part to get the music out one song of the day at a time and one artist feature at a time. But in the meantime, I also want to make sure that you're all getting the quality that you deserve out of this blog.

So without further ado, I give to you MY Indie Music Blog's song of the day... Get Up Tonight by High Tyde!!!

Brighton, UK, is responsible for giving the world of indie music High Tyde. What I really like about this band is their retro-alternative sound. For me being a child of the 80's, their sound really brings me back to some of the best British pop/rock/alternative bands from one of my favorite eras ever in music, and Get Up Tonight is one of their finest examples!

Enjoy them now and look for an artist feature on them right here in the next month or so when their upcoming album is released in October.

Keep up the great work guys. I'm really impressed with what you've given us so far and am looking forward to supporting you in the future!

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