Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New music from Lit on the Flash!

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

Just stopping in real quick to let you know that there is new music from my favorite band of all-time, Lit on the Flash, available now on their BandCamp page!

Released just today, Parts Invisible is a 2-song EP of their newest material, Parts Invisible and Every King. I have had the pleasure of hearing the guys rip both of these tunes up live. And as good as they are live, they're every bit as good, if not better, in all of their digital glory!

Head over to their BandCamp page now for a free download and get to rocking!!

Oh yeah, while you're at it, the guys have also been nominated as New Act of the Year at the New England Music Awards. A vote or two (or more) from all of you would be greatly appreciated and I personally will be indebted to each and every one of YOU for helping Lit on the Flash get the credit they so deeply deserve!

Lit on the Flash bandCamp

New England Music Awards voting page

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