Tuesday, March 19, 2013


How is everyone tonight? Ready for some new music I hope... cause tonight, I got the goods for you!

That picture speaks volumes for what you're about to get into. Trust me on this one.

I had the pleasure of discovering this band just recently when they reached out to me via Twitter about getting a spot on this very blog. If you're an indie artist reading this, it really is that simple. Getting a spot on this blog isn't going to launch your career into the stratosphere. What it will get you is an honest fan review of your music. That's what I am... a fan. If I like what you do, you will end up here and I will help promote you in any way that I can. Once I become your fan, you're stuck with me!

Now, let's get on with the music, shall we?

Varna is an edge of your seat, you better hold on tight rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA, USA. As female-fronted rock bands go, there are far too few of them in music period these days. The ones that are out there seem to have fallen into that big record label cookie-cutter mold. Let me assure you, Varna is that farthest thing from this that you will find.

Made up of Tiana Woods on vocals, Rossen Pinkas on guitar and Rob Shin on drums, Varna is not your run-of-the-mill rock band. Drawing on influences from pop to hard rock, they've found a way to meld them together in perfect harmony and sound like a band that's been together far longer than the 3 years they have under their belts together.

I myself am the proud owner of their latest EP This Time It's Personal and I encourage you to do the same!

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